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640i Body variants: Convertible, Coupe, Sedan
640i Doors variants: 2, 4
640i Seats variants: 4, 5
640i Drive variants: Rear Wheel Drive
640i Fuel variants: Petrol - Premium ULP
640i Engine Size variants: 2979cc
640i Cylinder variants: 6
640i Induction variants: Turbo Intercooled, Twin Turbo intercooled
640i Transmission variants: Sports Automatic
640i Vin variants: WBA6A020?0D000000, WBA6A020?0DF#####, WBA6D020?0D9#####, WBA6F120?0D9#####, WBA6H120?0D9#####, WBALW320?0C000000, WBALW320?0D000000, WBALW720?0D000000, WBALZ320?0C000000, WBALZ320?0D000000

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BMW History

BMW is a German manufacturer of cars and motor bikes. The company also owns Rolls-Royce and Mini.
BMW was founded in 1916 as BFW (Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke). It was not, however, until 1928 that BMW started to manufacture cars. Prior to this, it manufactured various products such as aircraft engines and motor bikes.

BWM finds great success in car racing early on, but starts to manufacture goods for the war effort in the build up and during world war 2. BWM paid the SS for the use of prisoners of war from concentration camps in its factories during the war. According to BMW, about 25,000-30,000 slave workers were used.

After the war, BMW has to rebuild - basically start over - as their factories were bombed during the war.
Things did not go well for BMW and by 1958-59, BMW was almost bought out by Diamler-Benz. The 1960s was a turning point with a new boss and new, successful models. In 1972, the 5 Series is launched, followed later by the 3 series, the 6 series and then the 7 series.

In 1994, BMW for the first time produced more cars than Mercedes-Benz, and in 2004, BMW sales passed 1 million.