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Santa Fe Body variants: Wagon
Santa Fe Doors variants: 4, 5
Santa Fe Seats variants: 5, 7
Santa Fe Drive variants: 4X4 Constant, 4X4 On Demand, Front Wheel Drive
Santa Fe Fuel variants: Diesel, Petrol - Unleaded ULP
Santa Fe Engine Size variants: 2119cc, 2188cc, 2199cc, 2351cc, 2359cc, 2656cc, 3342cc, 3470cc
Santa Fe Cylinder variants: 4, 6
Santa Fe Induction variants: Aspirated, Turbo, Turbo Intercooled
Santa Fe Transmission variants: Manual, Sports Automatic
Santa Fe Vin variants: KMHS?81GMCU000000, KMHS?81XNCU000000, KMHS?81XSCU000000, KMHSB81AR1U000000, KMHSB81AR2U000000, KMHSB81AR3U000000, KMHSB81DR1U000000, KMHSB81DR2U000000, KMHSB81DR3U000000, KMHSB81DR4U000000, KMHSC81DR1U000000, KMHSC81DR2U000000, KMHSC81DR3U000000, KMHSC81DR4U000000, KMHSC81DR5U000000, KMHSG81DR5U000000, KMHSG81DR7U000000, KMHSG81DR8U000000, KMHSG81DR9U000000, KMHSG81ER8U000000, KMHSG81GNAU000000, KMHSG81NAU#000000, KMHSG81WR7U000000, KMHSG81WR8U000000, KMHSG81WR9U000000, KMHSH81DR5U000000, KMHSH81DR7U000000, KMHSH81ER8U000000, KMHSH81WR7U000000, KMHSH81WR8U000000, KMHSH81WR9U000000, KMHSS81BNCU000000, KMHSS81BNDU000000, KMHSS81XNCU000000, KMHSS81XNDU000000, KMHSS81XNFU000000, KMHST81BNEU000000, KMHST81BNFU000000, KMHST81BSEU000000, KMHST81BSFU000000, KMHST81XNEU000000, KMHST81XNFU000000, KMHST81XSEU000000, KMHST81XSFU000000, KMHSU81XSEU000000, KMHSU81XSFU000000

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Hyundai History

Hyundai began producing cars in 1968 under licence from Ford. In 1975, Hyundai began producing its own car, the Pony, which found great success both domestically and as an export. The Hyundai Excel, launched in 1986, was a super cheap but not-great quality small car that gained Hyundai a great market share (if not reputation). It took until the mid 2000s before the perception of Hyundai began to change from a low-quality to a high-quality manufacturer. In 2006, Hyundai placed 3rd behind only Lexus and Porsche in the prestigious JD Power quality ranking survey. Many awards have followed for their range of models, including the Santa Fe and the Elantra.

Hyundai Santa Fe History

The Hyundai Santa Fe was introduced in 2001 as Hyundai's first SUV. It was a popular car right from the very start - so popular that Hyundai had trouble keeping up with demand. The third generation Santa Fe came out in 2012 and it's jusy as popular as ever. The KIA Sorento is essentially the same car, being based on the same platform and sharing the drive train as well as many components. Their suspension is tuned slightly differently and the Hyundai is considered more conservatively styled..