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6 Body variants: Hatchback, Sedan, Wagon
6 Doors variants: 4, 5
6 Seats variants: 5
6 Drive variants: Four Wheel Drive, Front Wheel Drive
6 Fuel variants: Diesel, Petrol - Premium ULP, Petrol - Unleaded ULP
6 Engine Size variants: 1998cc, 2183cc, 2191cc, 2261cc, 2488cc
6 Cylinder variants: 4
6 Induction variants: Aspirated, Turbo intercooled, Twin Turbo Intercooled
6 Transmission variants: Automatic, Manual, Sports Automatic
6 Vin variants: JM0GG1031##000000, JM0GG1032##000000, JM0GG10R2##000000, JM0GH102100000000, JM0GH102200000000, JM0GH105100000000, JM0GH105200000000, JM0GJ102100000000, JM0GJ102200000000, JM0GJ103100000000, JM0GJ103200000000, JM0GY1031##000000, JM0GY1032##000000

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Mazda History

Mazda is based in Hiroshima, Japan and was founded in 1920. Mazda started manufacturing cars around 1960, having previously been a machine parts manufacturer.

Towards the end of the 1960s, Mazda started exporting to the USA. The 1970s saw Mazda gaining a foothold in Europe but its finances were not doing well. As a result, Ford bought over time up 33% of Mazda, starting with 7% in 1979. Ford and Mazda shared platforms and know how, but the cooperation ended in 2010 with Ford selling all but a 3% share in Mazda.

Mazda is today the only manufacturer that still produces rotary engines. In spite of technical difficulties, Mazda persisted with the technology in its RX series of cars. It has lead to some interesting successes such as being the only Japanese car maker to win the Le Mans race (in 1991). The Mazda RX8 engine took out the overall victory in the International Engine of the Year Awards 2003 when it was launched.

SkyActiv encompasses a range of new technologies that together add up to fuel economy of a level similar to a hybrid drivetrain. As an additional benefit, emissions are also reduced. The technologies cover engine compression, transmissions, lightweight body designand electronic power steering.